Testing the Bees

I was hired to do a 15 person family shoot, and as soon as I heard that number over the phone, I knew I needed a little more than my speed lights to light this group and get a decent amount of depth of field for everyone to be in relative focus.

A friend of mine lent me 3 Paul C. Buff Alienbees B800’s, and I can’t wait to get myself at least a pair of these! I was able to get the whole group lit, while keeping the aperture on my camera stopped down enough to get everyone in focus, and the lights were not even at half power.

I needed to do some testing before I called the group in, so I positioned my favorite subject/assistant (my lovely wife!) at the spot where the middle of the group would be, and I setup my camera with the same settings as I knew I needed for the group and took this shot:

Carmen - Testing out the lights

I loved it! The only thing I would do different would be to use a wider aperture to get the background a bit more out of focus, and to pick a different background all together.

I can’t wait to get myself a few of these lights for the planned Glamour shoots I have, and for senior photography at the schools. Just having all that light intensity at my disposal opens up a few possibilities for my portrait shoots.

Thanks for looking!


A decade gone.

The first decade of the two thousands is gone. I cannot ask
any more from the last ten years. I found out that I’m not half bad
behind a camera (but suck in front of one), that I have very few
real friends, and that I love them all; I rediscovered old friends,
made some new ones… But by far, the best thing that happened to
me in the last decade, was my family. My wife. The most
understanding, loving, beautiful, caring, helpful, and funny woman
in my life. She gave me three beautiful children, she gave me hope,
dreams and faith. I dare not ask any more of her. I love you, mi
nena. I can’t ask any more from the last decade, but I do have a
few requests for the new one. Let my dream of doing what I love for
a living, happen. Let my family be safe, and always with me. Let me
not be materially rich, but have enough for me and mine. Let my
children follow their dreams. And finally, let me love mine a
little more each day. Happy New Year everyone!

Carmen – Photo of the Day (POTD)

This woman is something else. It would have been very difficult to be where I am right now, and to have done all that I have done without her at my side. Mother of my children, best friend, best lover :wink, wink:, and sometimes, the best VALS in the world (ask me about what VALS is!). I love you, wife.


Meli – Photo of the Day (POTD)

Wow. It’s been a while! Hopefully I can update this blog a bit more often from now on…

This is one of the images that I most liked from Meli and Hector’s wedding last Saturday. There was a frosted glass door at the entrance of the venue, and I had to take advantage of that wonderful light – Of course, the model has a lot to do with the appeal of the final image… Enjoy!


My First Photowalk – SJPG

Yesterday I went to my first photowalk, organized by Bradley Rex – from the San Juan Photography Group. Here are some photos from the walk…

Garita - Old San Juan

Garita - Old San Juan

Cathedral - Interior

Cathedral - Interior

I have a few more at my flickr page. I had a good time, and I’m hoping a few more people join us for the next one.